The Second Pillar of Business Insight - Real-Time Business Analytics

Having the right information in your hands at the right time is essential. You need to be able to respond to changing business conditions at all times to ensure that you can stay ahead of the competition and in sync with your customers’ shifting habits.

One of our most recent customer in this space is Pro Hockey Vision. They provide advanced analytics for hockey coaches and GMs as they make critical moves to optimize their position in the league and potential for advancing to the playoffs and ultimately the league championship.

SandOaks built both real-time and historical analytics for them, so that their customers could have the latest and best information in their hands before, during and after games.

Your business may not move at the speed of hockey, but let us show you how we can deliver critical information to you at the right time, to stay ahead of your competition.

Building real-time analytics like you see below helps Pro Hockey Vision’s customer stay ahead of their competition.

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Real-time hockey analytics    Real-time hockey analytics