The Third Pillar of Business Insight - Analytic Reporting

Providing your business with actionable reports in a timely manner that reflect the actual businss conditions allows customers to take action. Too many times, we find customers who have stacks of reports that are never reviewed and never used, just automatically delivered every day.

SandOaks designs and builds reports and reporting systems that will deliver information that you can act on. The reports you will see will highlight the critical nature of changes you have made and verify that your decisions have been the correct ones. Tied in with our modeling and real-time analytics solutions, you will have a full range of reporting tools at your fingertips to allow you to drive your business to new heights.

No matter what the source of your data, be it point-of-sale systems, monitors and sensors, web logs, transaction logs or other custom sources, we can use the data to help you focus on your business.

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